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Assemblage Point Experiences

Assemblage Point Experiences  

"On the 13th of June 2010, Kathy moved my Assemblage Point to its's proper location.  I had not understood the importance of this or knew anything about the difference it would make to me.  In reality it was a watershed moment in my life as an energy worker.  I was satisfied that I had most of the tools that I would ever need.  But after this occasion, started searching for other modalities.  Within a little more than two weeks decided that there was another tool and I wanted it NOW.  Was able to acquire it and the very next day put it to excellent use.  Nothing in my tool box  up to that time would have worked as quickly or near as well.  

As a result of having my Assemblage Point  corrected, I feel It was a watershed moment and I was able to broaden my horizons much  more quickly than my normal rate. of progression."    Allan - Guelph ON

Comments Alan's Clients Treatments:

  • "I had pain all down my one side - I have been in 4 car accidents -  I don't have any pain now" 
  • "I felt it a cool breeze under his clothes on my skin.  Felt like the top of my head came off"  [In checking the clients crown chakra opened. 2-3 after one day - 10 inch circle in the following week.]  AL