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Brain Balancing

Using Dowsing Techniques and Protocols this session will be dowsing imbalances in the Physical, Spiritual Emotional and Communication.

Take an Hour for yourself for a brain tune up.

This is a healing session focused on bringing your brain back to optimum balance.  We will be adjusting, balancing, unblocking, eliminating pain and supporting your brain structure and function.  Whatever your challenge is - this healing session will be of benefit.

Click Here to Register for the November 15,  Session

Registration for this Dowsing Session Includes

  1. Web Dowsing Session Live
  2. Access to replay
  3. Download recording
  4. Q and A
  5. Booklet with Dowsing Protocol in detail along with protocols to keep yourself balanced.

Feedback from Previous Participants

For registrants there is a hard copy option  - the session on CD and Printed Booklet mailed to your address  for an additional fee. 

Some of the Frequencies we will be Adjusting:  

  • Chemical
  • Negative
  • Stress
  • Communication
  • Intregation
  • Diseases
  • Cells
  • Traumas
  • Hormones
  • BioElectrical
  • Right / Left Brain Balance & Communication
  • Clearing entities & conflicting energies

This session is perfect for immediate benefit and residual in that you will have access to the replay.  For those who are active dowsers or want to help others you can use this protocol yourself as an active dowser or a passive one using the replay.