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Releasing Chaos Drama & Crisis

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It’s All About Energy

Releasing Chaos, Drama and Crisis

Are you finding that drama follows you everywhere you go?   Crisis after crisis that most of the time really has nothing to do with you.  Yet somehow you are involved. 

Do you feel stuck, helpless and bogged down?  Do you have negative cords and attachments from others that you can’t seem to disconnect?  These people aren’t strangers to us.  They are family members and friends that we love and care about.  Some of these negative unempowering attachments are generational.

Some of the issues (to identify a few) for you could be.

  • Elderly parents who demand too much
  • Children that won’t get a job or move out of the house, or want what
  • People who are in toxic relationships that talk about but don’t do anything to change them
  • Complainers
  • Abusers
  • People who are always late
  • Those that attend functions take the credit, but don’t want to do the work
  • People who discount us and/or make us feel bad
  • People who take advantage of our generosity and continue to do so
  • Those who say they love us but we feel taken advantage of
  • Those that don’t listen to us

We will cover in this session what is the energy of drama.  How you get hooked into other people’s problems and stresses.  How to continue to participate is a no-win situation.  And how to move into a position of power for yourself to extricate yourself from other people’s problems and the get out of drama, to open the time, space and energy to do what you brings you joy and happiness.