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Connecting with Your Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters

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We all have spirit guides. I started connecting with other peoples’ Spirit Guides when a simple healing session wasn't going well. Why the healing session wasn’t going well wasn't apparent to me, until I looked up and saw two tall angelic spirit guides glaring at me. Since they didn't understand what was going on they were interfering with the energies. Lesson learned, I now check to see what's there, what they are up to and connect them to what the person wants. 

I have enjoyed my encounters with these remarkable beings whose purpose is to guide you to stay on your path.  It’s important to make sure that the spirit guides you are working with are ones that empower you, open up resources, and help you achieve your goals; ones that offer you comfort and insight to help you move through the dips in your life. If you are low energy, stuck or feel lost there is a chance your spirit guides are getting in the way or not helping. 

We will look at the types of guides that you can call in. Investigate how they communicate with each of us using our different 'claire-senses' as well as other tools they find at hand. You will learn how to ask; thus forming a better connect with your guides. We’ll also check out what guides people are working with now and bring the spirit guide teams into alignment. Some guides you may need more of and some less of if they have outlived their usefulness.