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Clearing Schools, Institutions & Space with Dowsing

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We spend a lot of time in buildings that don’t belong to us.  Places such as Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Offices, Subways, Libraries and Old Age Homes.    
Some of these places feel good to us.  Others we walk into and immediately know that something is not right.    We also have our own home where we live and sleep.  The energies around us in these spaces  affect us.  Just as our energies and the energies of others are impacting the space. When we change the energy to neutral or beneficial, it improvesthe energy level and flow for those who use these spaces.   

When Energy Dowsing physical environments there are many considerations that require our attention - geopathic stress, fault lines, radiation, EMF's, naturally occurring underground water, blocked chi flow, yin & yang imbalance, blocked chi flow, disturbed astral, ancestral, energies, etc.

For this Webinar we are going to take a property and work through the process of clearing it.  Our methodology will be based on Raymon Grace's School Project format   which we will expand to include our own personal experiences and those of members from two of Canadian Society of Dowsers local groups. (the Barrie Dowsers and the Peterborough Dowsers.)

After this webinar you will have a written format in which to check, verify and clear spaces.   This is a tried process that has been used and found successful.    You can use the clearing process yourself as is.  Or you will find it is a good place to start with as you  adjust it to your own dowsing style and needs.

Included with this seminar:  10 page downloadable handout.  Opportunity to have your chosen space dowsed with yourself and another participant.  This seminar may be extended to a 2nd night to allow for group feedback and results.   

Instructor: Kathy Wilson is Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and is involved with a number of Dowsing Groups: The Global Dowsing Hub, The Barrie Dowsers, The North York Dowsers, and the Peterborough Dowsers.