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Introduction to Dowsing

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Introduction to Dowsing - One Day Workshop

The day is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in the art of dowsing.  

In the morning we will cover the basic techniques used by dowsers to ask questions. That is to dowse, with the aid of simple hand-held tools or instruments (pendulums, bobbers and L-rods) for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge.

In the afternoon with an understanding of the fundamental techniques of dowsing, we will expand the application of this age-old techniques to move and shift energy, solve problems, find out things and create beneficial situations. These techniques will allow you to move into the universal energy field to hone your own intuition.

Anyone can Dowse.  This workshop is perfect for both Beginner and Experienced Dowsers.   You may want to learn to dowse or hone your current skills.   At the end of the day you will have all you need to begin dowsing for yourself. 

Bring your personal dowsing implements. For those who have no pendulums, L-Rods or Bobbers, there will be some that you can use for the day or you can purchase same at the workshop

  • Handouts Included
  • Plus Access to Downloadable Information

Why would anyone want to learn to dowse?

Dowsing is a natural intuitive sensing ability which all humans can use. Dowsing is a skill that is easy to learn. Like any skill, the more you practice the better you become at it.
Dowsing is a way of taking control of your intuitive sensing abilities. Dowsing allows you to access information that is outside what you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch.
With dowsing, you focus your intuition to get answers to specific questions in a timely fashion. You don't have to wait around for an intuitive hit.  The technique of dowsing allows you to tap into your intuition at any time about any subject. Suddenly, your intuition becomes just as powerful and valuable as your logical mind.

Knowing how to dowse will help you

  • find out about stuff
  • make decisions on what are the best options
  • check to see if the decision you made is the best one for you
  • know if someone is telling the truth
  • check what vitimins are most benificial for you
  • know when someone is going to arrive
  • check the compatibility of a relationship
  • evaluate which job you should take
  • discover who has Grandma's heirloom brooch
  • find a lost pooch
  • check to see if you are drinking enough water
  • best place to dig
  • where the water leak is in the undergroud pipe
  • anything else you can think of
  • .... the list is endless

With dowsing you can also change frequences.   Which means you can...

  • put protection in place for self and family
  • clear negative energies
  • calm a nervous animal
  • shift weather
  • heal trama
  • change -ve energy lines
  • ...again the list is endless

Does it always work?  Mostly yes.  When it doesn't the trick is go back to what you asked... usually the problem is there either in the language or intention. 

Does Dowsing sound crazy?  Once you start dowsing and see clarity and success, you will be hooked.  Whether you turn into a professional dowser,  use it for personal, add it to your healing practice or quietly closet dowse keeping it to yourself; life will only get better & better.