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Remote Psychic Surgery for the Eyes - Healing Session

With Remote Energetic Psychic Surgery method we are not replacing the physical; rather, we are going out on the grid from the body of the client and finding a replacement energetic blueprint which is alike in every respect except for the predisposition to the condition that necessitated replacement.

For this session we will be focused on the eyes.  This method works on the etheric-energy body. It does not penetrate the skin or the bones and does not remove physical matters from within the body.  Depending on what you need, your energetic grid will be replaced or reinforced.

Block out 3/4-1 hour of time.  You will also need some down time afterwards on your own to let the energy settle.  You will be asked to evaluate and make decisions for yourself as we go along.

Recording for this session will be available for download to allow those who missed the live healing session and for those who wish to repeat the healing for whatever reason.   Some find they benefit from replaying the session a number of times to get optimal changes. 

Included with Registration

  •     Access to Live Healing Session
  •     Replay - Download or Replay on Line
  •     Post Session Handout

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