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Global Dowsing Hub - Speaker Submissions

Global Dowsing Hub Speakers - please use this form to submit your information.  This information will be used to generate marketing copy and web info for your session.   Information can also be emailed to

Speakers receive:

  • Download of your presentation in the form of MP3 recording
  • Pre-event marketing to 1,200 plus Dowsers via Facebook and Email
  • Forum and ability to advertise your events, ideas, products & services
  • Membership to the 2016 Global Dowsing Hub 2016.
  • Calls & your contact information will be archived on our website for future listening access by others

I'll get back to you with details once I receive your info.  Any questions or you are having trouble please call (416-225-3612 / 617-334-9432) or email me.


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