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Egyptian Postures Certificate Workshop

Egyptian Postures Certificate Workshop: Practitioner/Instructor - Level 1

The Egyptian Postures of Power is an ancient system of self mastery through energy healing, initiations and activation techniques. Just like Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, & Vedic Mudras; the Egyptian system utilizes movements, postures, geometry of the body and mind to go in harmonic resonance with universal energies. Each postures builds new pathways and energetic fields around and in the body to reconnect to the universal “spiders web” of consciousness fields. Once sensitized to these energies they can be used for specific purposes of healing, enlightenment, and personal growth. For thousands of years these methods have been practices by small groups of initiated practitioners to cleanse, balance, and align our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the natural life giving forces of the universe.

The Egyptian Postures stimulate and activate our energetic systems, opens and clears our channels, meridians, and chakras; It assists us in gathering, building, and strengthening our polarities and energetic bodies, while connecting us to the spheres of light around us. By participating in these movements, we are consciously connecting, strengthening, refining and transforming our energies. 

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The weekend course will be presented by Jason Quitt - Wisdom keeper of the Egyptian Postures System. The workshop will consist of the following teachings, initiations and training.  Included with your registration Egyptian Postures of Power – Book & DVD and Tet.Ra – Egyptian Djed Pillar Pendulum (Value 90.00)

  • Alternative history of humankind
  • DNA, Genetics and mass trauma
  • War on consciousness 
  • Being multidimensional 
  • The lost teachings of the Sun Gods
  • A new science of the Electromagnetic Spectrum & Tesla
  • Our connection to Magnetic Fields and Light
  • Sacred geometry, pyramids and vortex mathematics 
  • Initiation into the Egyptian Postures of Power
  • Activation of the Salute to the Sun
  • Initiation into healing techniques with postures, mudras, mantras, dowsing and meditations
  • Learn how to build and use ‘qi’ 
  • The mysteries of the pharaoh cylinders & access to pyramid power
  • Lean ancient Egyptian methods of healing with Essential Oils

At the end of the the level 1 workshop, practitioners will be certified by Jason Quitt to become a wisdom keeper of Egyptian Postures of power. This certification will allow you to teach and practice the Salute to the Sun system with your students and clients. 

This is the first time Jason Quitt has offered the full course of initiations to the public. If you feel the calling to become a wisdom keeper of the Egyptian Postures and pass this energy on to your students and clients please sign up now.  Space is limited.

Blessings, love & transformation ~ Jason