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Participant Feedback:

For myself, I was working with the original energetic blueprint for my entire eye system - the eyes, the nerves, the vision part of the brain and the emotional/mental patterns of perfection for vision.  Will see what happens!  My eyes went from feeling tight and compressed to soft and wet.  ~EK

After listening to your instructions during the Psychic Surgery for the Eyes I tried to do what I thought I should do for my kidneys as I mentioned to you.  I didn’t feel anything.  That evening while in bed I improvised the technieque you gave us.  I felt very calm and asked ffor my angels, spirit guides and spirit doctors to come to me and give me 2 perfect functioning kidneys on the etheric plane.  I asked that these new kidneys work properly and allow my GFR (kidney functioning) score to be high and my creatinine level to be exceptionally low and then I thanked these spirits for hearing me and doing as I asked.  I fell asleep and got up in the middle of the night and tried the process all over again.  I felt something had happened but I can’t really describe it.  It was more of a inner knowing than anything else.  I repeated the process again and felt something good had occurred.  On Sunday evening my sister checked my ankles and calfs and I had no edema whatsoever in both legs!  We couldn’t believe it.  Ordinarily I have a little edema in my legs not much but still there is always a little edema.  I’m still stunned that there was no edema at all.  Edema is a sign of kidney problems.  The real acid test will be when I have my blood and urine tests probably on the last Wednesday morning of this month.  I have no idea if this positive change was a result of Tong Ren treatments or the Psychic surgery.  ~JK