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The "Oracle" Divining/Healing Kit

The parts in this kit re-configure to make three essential tools for Auric healing. The Aura Meter for reading the energy fields of the body, the Oracle Spring Pendulum for diagnosing the problem, and the Aura Stabilizer for balancing. You are the sensing instrument, not the tools; they simply give a visible response to what your subconscious knows. After the problem is defined, the Aura Stabilizer configuration can often be use to clear the inharmonious energy

The Success Of Divining/Diagnosis, and Auric Healing

Success is largely dependent upon three things: the skill of the seeker, the sensitivity of the tools used, and how the request is made. Divining skill is achieved by practice, patience, and learning to disassociate from the information you seek. Disassociation means to take your conscious mind, your vested interest in the outcome out of the request. Healing skill is developed by firmly requesting what is desired in the healing process.

Steps In Developing Divining/Diagnosis Skill:

Disassociate by using the psychic breath. (Focus your awareness between your eyes, take a deep breath and move backward into the middle of your head, your psychic center, focusing inward, letting go of the conscious mind controller as you exhale.) Usually three breaths is enough; one breath will do it when you become skilled. When your conscious mind-chatter stills, and you feel yourself expand, you are in your psychic-subconscious space.
Ask Permission First. Operate within the boundaries of spiritual law. Use your divining device to determine:
Can I Ask This Question? (Have I cleared my vested interest in the outcome of the question?)
May I Ask This Question? (Is it appropriate for me to have this information, will I use it correctly?)
Should I Ask This Question (Will I be intruding in someone else's privacy? Will this information injure me or someone else? Is this question to the highest and best spiritual good of all concerned? Is the information available to me?)
Do I Have Permission To Perform Healing Services For This Person? Sometime people have a vested interest in their illness, and it blocks the healing energies. Or, is it to their highest good for me to heal them?
Be Explicit In Your Question: The subconscious mind is very literal, and operates like a computer.
Avoid Habitual Responses: The subconscious mind will deliver information gathered in previous experiences first. Avoid this by ordering it to ignore all previous divining experiences concerning the subject. Ask the question a different way.
Avoid Influences From Other People: Your subconscious mind picks up erroneous information from others telepathically, particularly if they have strong convictions on a subject. Block them out, focus on your own search, rely on yourself.
Use Energy Sensitive Divining Devices! (Most important!) Any tool can be used in divining, just as in dowsing, that will indicate a positive or negative response from the subconscious mind. Pendulums, (any object suspended from a chain or string), L-rods, wands, etc. all may be used, as in dowsing. However, the more movement required by the hand to operate the device, the less reliable is the answer. Exaggerated, or slow movements (as with most dowsing tools) gives the conscious mind opportunity to over-ride the subconscious with preconception, habitual response, and vested interest.
 "THE ORACLE" spring-pendulum and the Jordan Aura Meter are engineered to eliminate excessive movement of the hand. The movement required to operate these tools is only 1/20 of what is used to operate a chain pendulum, or an L-rod. The time lag between asking the question and receiving the response is reduced by 95%, by-passing the conscious mind. The result is Sensitivity, direct contact with the subconscious mind, and more reliable answers.

Health Scanning With The Aura Meter

The Aura Meter is a divining tool, and responds to your request for information from the subconscious mind. It's used to detect energy imbalances, diseases, stored thought forms, psychological and physical trauma stored in the system, stress, Chi energy blocks, and about anything else you want to ask for that can be sensed energetically in the aura of the body.

Hold the handle, palm down, with the shaft extended horizontally, the short rod up between the 1st and 2nd fingers so it can't twist. This allows the flexor of the wrist to hold the tool horizontal as you move up it and down in the persons aura. Keep the tip pointed straight ahead, and prevent it from bouncing or swinging as much as possible. Practice this until you can disassociate and hold it steady, paying no attention to the tool.
Place your free hand on the shoulder of the person. This helps to steady you, and makes a better energy connection.
Fix firmly in your mind what you are asking for. (Ex. I want to find the (etheric) (mental) (emotional) auric field of this person)
For the etheric body, move the Aura Meter slowly toward the person. Usually it will respond within 6 inches of their body by turning away from the energy field. Program your subconscious that this is the response I want for the etheric body, by making the pointer turn away.
Practice by holding the Aura Meter steady, and moving your palm toward it, until the pointer moves away. Hold your hand about one foot from the Aura Meter and project energy from your palm toward it. It will move away.
Move the tool up and down in the etheric field asking, show me any imbalance, (disease, negative thought form) in this area. Program the pointer to move away from the disturbance in the aura. Sometimes if there is a "hole" in the aura, it will turn in, indicating a lack of energy.
Practice pulling healing energy into the top of your head and expanding it out into your etheric body, or into the person you are healing. Fill in the holes. Will healing energy into the flow, visualizing perfection for what you want to heal.
Developing Divining Sensitivity With The Oracle Spring Pendulum

The Oracle is used to gain information, and to diagnose the problems detected by the Aura Meter.

Hold the shaft of the Oracle pendulum horizontal to the floor, with fore-arm and elbow free to move. Hold the handle loosely in your hand.
Intentionally make the pointer move up and down for your neutral position. Now make it move in a clockwise rotation; tell the subconscious mind this is your YES, or positive, response. Rotate the pointer counter- clockwise to indicate your NO response. Always come back to neutral, or up and down, between responses. Practice this until the response from the spring pendulum is automatic when you think YES or NO. This tool is also excellent for use on charts and diagrams.
Ask some questions you know the answer to, making the pointer move in the appropriate response until it begins giving the answer automatically when you pose the question in your mind. Soon it will respond even as you ask the question.
Practice disassociating from the Oracle by focusing your attention on various questions. Do this until the response from the Oracle becomes automatic, independent of your attention. You will be astounded at the way it follows your mind, giving positive and negative responses even as you form a question. The tool is so sensitive it almost operates by telekinesis, with little obvious hand movement.
You can ask past, present, future questions. Ask for the mental cause, or stored thought form creating the problem, or the disturbance in the aura you found with the aura meter. Use the Aura Stabilizer to clear the thought form or mental cause.
Using The Aura Stabilizer

A crystal whirled in the air acts like the armature in an electrical generator. (The aura is the "field" where the armature, the crystal, picks up energy and moves it in a clockwise spiral, exactly the same way electricity moves along a wire). The energy flow is from the broken (positive) end of the crystal to the pointed (negative) end.

Clear the crystals first by holding them with the negative (sharp) end on the pad of your middle (negative) finger, and the positive end at the bottom-center of your palm at base of thumb. Hold the hand to your forehead.
Impulse the desire to clear the crystal with a burst of energy. It's like sneezing with your mouth closed, then throw your hand away from your body. (It's like throwing the crystal away, except you hold onto it.)
Hold crystal to forehead and concentrate deeply on the thought form you want to imprint in the crystal. Again give it a burst of energy to program the crystal.
Energy moves in a clockwise spiral from its source, so put the crystals in the witness chambers, broken end out. Spin the stabilizer one inch from place you want to clear or heal, clockwise from the perspective of the person. (Counter clockwise from your perspective. They will feel a subtle movement of negative energy or thought form away from their body.
Hold the Aura Stabilizer to the side as you do the clearing, to avoid flowing their negativity into yourself.
To flow healing/clearing/balancing energy into the person, reprogram the crystals and reerse in the chambers point end out. Hold the witness chambers close to the spot you want to heal. Spin the aura stabilizer. (Clockwise to you.) The person will feel a refreshing flow of life-force energy enter the area, healing and balancing.
To balance the entire aura, spin the stabilizer in front of each chakra-center clockwise (from you), up and down the center line of the body. You can do this to yourself for a clearing, relaxing experience. Excellent for clearing stress.


Configuring The Tools

1) THE ORACLE spring pendulum: Remove finger screw from handle, screw in 5" rod, spring, small shaft, large pointer. (Brown slip bead in photo not included in this kit). This configuration is used to define, or diagnose the energy imbalance (thought form, shock, cellular memory) stored in the aura. This information is used to program the crystals for clearing the aura.




2) THE JORDAN AURA METER- Remove finger screw from handle, insert small rod in cross hole,  screw 5" shaft in top of handle, tighten against the small cross shaft, slide into threaded connector, tighten down with thumb screw, screw in small shaft,screw on spring, screw on small shaft, large pointer.  This configurations "reads" the energy disturbance, or physical problem, stored in the aura. The pointer swings away (thought forms, stored trauma) or swings toward the body, showing lack of energy, or life force.



3) THE AURA STABILIZER--Center a 6" pointer shaft halfway through on handle connector. Tighten thumb screw. Add connector on each end, tighten with thumb screw.  2" connector, and a Witness Chamber on each end.  Place quartz crystals in Witness Chamber, point out, after programming.  This configurations "Pulls" disharmonious energy from the aura, or patterns positive energy into it, depending on how the crystals are programmed, and which way the crystals are spun.