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Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy

The Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy Method is a new subtle energy method to Healing Nexus which has been developed by Edd Edwards.    We are delighted to join with Edd Edwards in offering the opportunity to experience Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy and for those who are interested in learning it for their own healing practices and personal use.

Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy uses the power of brain functions to resonate with and positively activate metabolic healing.

Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy , a measurable energy used by the higher human brain functions to resonate and positively activate metabolic healing. These techniques work by controlling magnetic and electric fields of the left and right side of the brain simultaneously and by using different frequencies and polarity effects to cause rapid healing to begin.

Edd will be teaching participants feel the energy , specifically in the brain. With this new awareness , practitioners can enhance their practices and sessions as they support their clients balancing bio-intrinsic energy patterns, in the body that are imbalanced.  Imbalances correlate to disease and chronic pain and related . It is returning to balance that initiate the healing process.

These work shops are ideal for practitioners and others that can feel the energy movements in their hands and bodies

Bio:  Edd Edwards is a medical intuitive and energy specialist providing Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy Field adjusting in Atlanta at Dr Rhett Bergeron's office in Roswell Georgia,, and in Wisconsin with Kari Uselman, Ph.D. Wellness Essentials, LLC  (920) 410-4022


March 2006 , Memphis Tennesee , Edd Giving workshops on awareness and control of higher brain functions for energy healing and human bio-electric field interactions in non local effects

To Learn more about this method, Edd Edwards and experience the healing potential:

  1. Bio-Intrinsic Energy Lecture Rhine center 2011    part 1   /   part 2
  2. Paltalk - Monday night Healing Session with Edd


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is bio-intrinsic energy healing?
The use of the power of brain functions to resonate with and positively activate metabolic healing.

2. How does it work?
By controlling the magnetic fields of the left and the right sides of the brain simultaneously. And by using different frequencies and polarity effects to cause rapid healing to begin.

3. How is Edd’s energy different than a Reiki master or Shamanic energy healer or any energy healer?
It is essentially the same energy. The difference is the degree or amount of energy that Edd can generate.  In working with scientists and having a measurable means to quantify his work, Edd was able to fine-tune  and increase the energy fields to reach forty times higher than Reiki masters and the like.

4. I live at a distance from Georgia. Are phone sessions as effective as in-person sessions?
Phone sessions are good.  In person sessions add a degree of specificity and thus can increase the healing energy.

5. What can I expect during a phone session?
Edd will start by attuning to your energy.  He will have you create an energy ball for this attunement.  He may ask you to do certain things like to stand up or to sit in a certain position.  If you are easily able to comply with his requests, please do so. Otherwise tell Edd your limitations and he will adjust his techniques. It is best to have your hands free so speaker phones work best.

6. What can I expect during an in person session?
Again, Edd will attune to your energy by having you create an energy ball.  He will give simple  instructions to follow based on his perceptions.  There is no hands-on work and there is no need for any specific attire.

7. How can I best prepare myself for a session with Edd to gain the most benefit?
Come open minded.

8. What is the energy that Edd transmits? Where does it come from?
Edd believes that he locks on to ‘creation energy’ or the predominate energy of the universe.

9. Can anyone benefit from bio-intrinsic energy healing?
Yes. Bio-intrinsic energy can increase immune system functions and can help alleviate chronic pain ~ at the very least.

10. Can I learn to work with this energy myself?
Yes to an extent.  It takes practice.

11. Does Edd teach others to do this work?
Edd teaches others to get started and encourages them to play with the energy.  The more one puts into practicing, the more their energy increases.

12. Is Edd a medical intuitive?
Some have claimed that he is although he does not diagnose or treat specific illnesses.

13. How much does Edd need to know about my health condition in order to work with me?
Very little  ~ just hard specifics.


Note from Edd:   My name is Edd Edwards and I grew up in rural NE Georgia, where I found little resources to embrace the unusual ability I became aware of at a young age. I spent my childhood experimenting on my own, with an awareness of an energy field I could sense and modulate. In the fall of 1995 I met Dr. William Levengood, who was the first scientist to quantitatively measure my capability to transfer energy beyond space and time, at his Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan.
In 2008 I was tested at the Rhine Research Center, where I was able to increase the light level, or photons, by 210X above the amount of normal background photons. There are few who have been tested who can achieve this increase, but unlike any other tested, I was able to hold that increased photon level longer than anyone. I still have an ongoing project with The Rhine Research Center in the Bio-Energy Emissions Lab ..

Dr. W. C. Levengood, Bio-physics Research, has determined that  I have trained my autonomic nervous system to interact with the ever shifting isomeric configurations, called “resonant energy”, that are ubiquitous in all living organisms. By attuning this resonant energy with a patient, I shift the frequencies of their energy in a way that gives maximum benefit for healing. Through biofeedback mechanisms, I senses the changes in isomeric configurations and am able to shift them in a way that influences metabolic processes in a positive way, at the quantum level, and it creates , in most cases, tingling , heat and an awareness of energy flowing through the recipients body or bodies.

   In my speech I will give a brief on my life and then will give all the audience live demonstrations of sending this energy in a way that most will feel and sense in their bodies at the same time and then I will allow the audience to ask the questions and I will answer or demonstrate this energy for them to experience first hand..


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