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About Healing Nexus

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  • Healing Nexus is a “Healing Connection” offering products, events and healing to empower the spirit.
  • Healing Nexus opens the doors to the unlimited potentials and possibilities for all spirit travelers. We are a nexus for those who are summoned by distant horizons and the beating of their hearts.
  • Healing Nexus provides ways to nourish the yearning in the heart, mind, body, spirit & soul?
  • Healing Nexus is a nurturing spiritual garden seeded with growth for positive transformation

Healing Nexus is a Canadian Company providing products, events and healing to empower the spirit. Recognized as a leading organization provides training, knowledge and products in the healing industry.

(Healing Nexus was founded in 2002 and Incorporated in Oct 2006)

Healing Nexus offers workshops, individual treatments, seminars and products order to help groups and individuals come into the place of wellness and oneness.

All Healing is Self Healing. For each of us when the awakening has started and even though the path is not clear - there is no turning back. Each one of us has our own journey which calls to our heart.

Have you been searching for ways to nourish the heart, mind, body, spirit & soul? Are you looking for better health, relationships, life purpose and abundance. Do you want to bump up the Joy, Gratitude, Love, Authenticity and all that other good stuff in your life? Then you are in the right place.

Healing Nexus is the Nexus, Still Point, the Connection. Via - Seminars, Workshops, Events, Personal Sessions, Connections, Books & Products we open the doors to the unlimited potentials and possibilities that exist for each and every one of us.

All potentials and possibilities exist simultaneously. It is we ourselves that are in the drivers seat having the power to shift our reality from "what is to what can be."

Kathy Wilson

Kathy is one of the founders and CEO of Healing Nexus. "The name Healing Nexus came from a vision of a safe place or a nexus point where those on their healing journeys could stop refuel and reflect. A safe haven, to connect with others of like mind and to exchange knowledge, skills and techniques."

Kathy an avid dowser, is a Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and 2014 Dowser of the Year (

She also founded and operates 4 dowsing groups:

Speaking Events

Kathy is available for speaking engagements or workshops for groups interested in learning more about Suble Energy and the different modalities she works with.

Making connections is an important focus for Healing Nexus if you are hosting an event, we would love to be a part of it. Contact us at / 416-225-3612.