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Subtle Energys

Dowsing - Divining

We are energy beings living in this world of energy.  Everything is energy. Energy vibrates and has a frequency.  Everything is energy and has a frequency. This frequency can be tracked or read. Dowsing and Divining are means to confirm the known, access the unknown and shift vibrations into new possibilities. With dowsing-divining we have the ability to access information and to change frequencies to a more desirable state.   In a Session Practitioners start by following the clients lead in dowsing out what the client has originally presented.  As the session continues more information starts to unfold.   

A Dowsing Treatment (What to Expect)


Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy

The use of the power of brain functions to resonate with and positively activate metabolic healing.

With the Bio-Intrinsic Resonate Energy system the practitioner trains their autonomic nervous system to interact with the ever shifting isomeric configurations, called “resonant energy”.  This is the energy that is everywhere in all living organisms.  By attuning this resonant energy with a person their energy shifts their frequencies change  for maximum benefit for healing.   Through biofeedback mechanisms, the practitioner senses the changes in isomeric configurations and is able to shift them to influence metabolic processes in a positive way at the quantum level.  In most cases, this creates tingling, heat and an awareness of energy flowing through the recipients body or bodies.   As the energy is built up the brain is controlling the magnetic fields.   This system cures the causes of pain and dis-ease in the body.  


Quantum Touch®

Quantum-Touch is a simple, yet powerful energetic healing method using light touch, the breath and a variety of other techniques to bring about well-being on both physical and spiritual planes. 

Quantum-Touch has gained World Wide Popularity because of its simplicity and effective results.  QT techniques focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and energy awareness exercises.  With Quantum-Touch the Practitioner amplifies and directs the life-force energy, facilitating the body’s own healing process on all levels.

A Quantum-Touch Treatment (What to Expect)


The Human Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is the human energy vortex – the point in the electro-magnetic body where life force energy, chi or prana enters the body.  Normally around the chest, an optimally Situated Assemblage Point means we are balanced mentally and physically. When ‘off-centre’ in some way, it can adversely affect our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and health.  There are many reasons why a patient’s AP may be out of position. Shock and trauma, divorce and bereavement, drugs or alcohol addiction, infection, surgical operations, childbirth, accidents, illness, violence and intimidation, rape, hunger and thirst can all cause it to either drop or lift out of its normal position. The Assemblage Point has been called the missing link to resolving health problems and this partly explains why so many people continue to suffer without a solution for their painful or debilitating symptoms.

Client Experiences

The Assemblage Point and Your Health

The Human Assemblage Point  Treatment (What to Expect)


Tong Ren Therapy

Tong Ren practitioners use an acupuncture figurine as a tool. They apply energy to particular points on this anatomic model with a small magnetic hammer or other methods. They focus their conscious mind on physical locations on the figurine to corresponding locations on the patient, where blockages have stopped the normal flow of nurturing Chi energy. This produces a connection between the subconscious of the practitioner and the corresponding locations on the patient's body, to "break down or open the blockages".  When the blockages (bio-electrical, nerve, blood flow, muscle, calcium or any other) are opened up he body has the ability to heal itself.  The stimulation of blockages allows entrainment of the diseased organ back to the healthy bioelectrical signals and the vast healing energy of the larger Collective Unconsciousness. This occurs with no physical contact, and even works with patients at a distance. The recipient feels energetic change, and then medical tests usually improve.

Tong Ren Therapy Treatment (What to Expect) 


Axiatonal Alignment Therapy

Humans have a field of subtle energy which is called the auric field, aura or etheric body.  This energy field is made up of emotional, spiritual and mental particles.  We also have Axiatonal lines known as acupuncture or meridian lines, which are energy pathways that supply our physical bodies with vital energy.  This energy extends from the ground, into the atmosphere and out into the universe.  A few terms for this are the "Cosmic lattice", "Universal grid" and "Living Universe".

Axiatonal lines are along acupuncture meridians and feed into spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. These spin points are small vortices of energy that regulate the molecules and cells of the body.  When they are spinning appropriately  they create a grid for cellular regeneration.  With this grid the axiatonal energy is able to recharge the bodies, and clear negative emotional and mental patterns.

Axiatonal Alignment is done with a light touch, giving deep, profound relaxation, releasing emotional and physical stresses by opening and clearing blocked meridians.   This process results in reduced stress, internal calmness, and emotional balance. This is a very relaxing and grounding therapy. This therapy helps regenerate and harmonize our mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies allowing them to work in harmony with one another.

Axiatonal Alignment Treatment (What to Expect)