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Healing Treatments with Kathy

Healing Using Subtle Energy

Healing is available in Person or via Distance World Wide.

Supporting your Healing Process, Relieving Pain, Shifting Blockages, Clearing the Unwanted, Changing Lives

Subtle Energy Treatments are available in person distance.

Based on where you are in your life – are you ready to make your move to the next level?

If so, I’d love for you to join me and experience the benefits from the healing shifts that will impact your life today and in the long-term. Depending on what you need and are ready for, you can book a series of treatments - on a weekly, monthly or open ended basis. For most sessions I use a combination of different techniques. It’s all energy.  Each person is unique. Sessions depend on your needs.   Sessions are focused on your needs.  You can also request a specific therapy.  

The key to greater success is moving into action!   If not now when?   Today is a good day to get started.

For a free consultation call 416-225-3612 or 617-334-9432 or email:
All contacts are confidential.

How It Works