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Healing Sessions [Distance or In Person]

Private Appointments are available in person or by remote healing.   

You can Book a Session by:

  • Email:  [in your email please include the information requested in the form below]
  • Phone: 416-225-3612 | 617-334-9432
  • Online: via the convenient online form below. 

What to Expect:

  • Your body will guide the session as to the order in which issues are addressed.  
  • Energetic integration will continue after the session for a period of hours or days.  Healing is an individual process.
  • Distance work includes a report sent to you after the session. [within 3 days] If other sessions are required that will be noted in the report.
  • Should you have follow up issues or questions this will be billable in 15 minute increments.
  • Session will be booked once payment is received.

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Send a short, succinct list of issues you wish to have addressed during the session. Understand, with time limitations, it may not be possible to address all of these issues in one session.
3rd Party Work. It is not always possible to work on a third party if they don't want it. If the work is to be done for a third party, you will get a report the session was completed covering the issues mentioned. - A more detailed report is available to the individual if they so desire. Include their email with your booking.
Energy is Energy - It's all the same. Modalities are simply techniques to use. Kathy deals with a number of difference methods and will uses what ever is best for your healing session. Sometimes people would like to experience one specific technique. Healing Sessions are all about you and what you NEED and WANT.