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The Assemblage Point

The Human Assemblage Point has for the most part been overlooked or only briefly referred to in passing by most modalities. This workshop is based on the work of Dr.Jon Whale and our Discoveries & Experiences in Shifting the Assemblage Point.

We are at the doorway of an exciting time of discovery and change in Energy Medicine and Healing. Today, instead of looking at our bodies as living machines, we know they are a gigantic network of energy; the place where spirit, matter, and power connect. In other words the body is the “Nexus Point” for all of those things.

The position of our Assemblage Point, a vital energy vortex in the body, is a primary determinant on our state of health, affecting not only “how we feel” but “how we behave”. Consciousness exists past the boundaries of our physicality. When we access the quantum biological energy fields which surround all living beings, it becomes possible to treat disease both physical and mental in exciting new and non invasive ways.

In the seminar you will:

  • Locate and experience your own Assemblage Point as well as several ways to locate the Assemblage Point on your clients
  • Discover how the position of the Assemblage Point controls how we feel and behave.
  • Learn how to shift and relocate the Assemblage Point to improve mental and physical performance and accelerate personal growth. Relieve stress, anger, anxiety, panic, depression and improve life force energy.
  • Discover how shock, stress, illness, trauma, violence and all sorts of non beneficial events shift the Assemblage Point to detrimental locations and cause physical and/or mental illness.
  • Learn the different Assemblage Point Locations associated with various physical and psychological diseases and how the endocrine system is affected.
  • Find out how alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription drugs and can shift the Human Assemblage Point to dangerous locations.
  • Discover how to shift and correct the Assemblage Point Location to assist and minimize the effects of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Quartz Crystal Wands

The actual shifting of the Assemblage Point is done with a large quartz crystal massage wand of the following minimum dimensions:

  • Should weigh 200g or more
  • Minimum 18 cm long
  • Diameter of 3 cm or more
  • Ground and polished convex or domed end
  • As clear as possible
  • A well defined point
  • At least three perfect triangles among the six facets
  • If you have one please bring it along. We will have some there for use and/or purchase.


The Catalyst of Power by Jon Whale, leading researcher in electronic energy medicine, is an extraordinary and unique book. It not only takes the form of a challenge to conventional medical practices but also gives each individual the opportunity to be in control of their own physical and psychological health. This book marks a new beginning and stands out in sharp contrast to all the alternative or complimentary works on health written over the last century, because of its sound basis in both modern science and traditional learning.

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