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Eye Dowsing for Optimum Eye Health

Take an Hour for yourself for a dowsing tune up on the your eyes.

This is a healing session focused on bringing your eyes back to optimum balance.  We will be adjusting, balancing, unblocking, eliminating pain and supporting your eye structure and function.  Whatever your challenege is with your eyes - this healing session will be of benefit.

There is no charge for this Healing Session.

Some of the issues we will be considering are:

  1. Blood flow
  2. Bio Electricity / Chi
  3. Nerves
  4. Hormones
  5. Polarity
  6. PH
  7. Drainage
  8. Central Vision
  9. Imbalances in the Eye
  10. Eye Functions

There are handouts and a dowsing chart to download and follow for this healing session.  They will be emailed nearer to the date.  You can dowse along or just sit back, relax and receive.

If you can't attend in real time and want to be part of this Healing Session.  Register Yourself.  Instructions will follow with handout on 'how to'.

A Special Thank You to all of you who provided valuable feedback about your previous experience which has allowed me to hone the process.

Click Here for  Participant Feedback from the Previous  Eye Dowsing Healing Sesions

Time Estimate 1 -1.25 hour to do all your eye ajustments.  

For those who dowse and wish to dowse along.  You can follow the list as we go.  We will be using pendulums and the "Clockwise/Counterclockwise" Method to affect changes.


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P.S.  Communication:  Please note in order to get updated information and reminders about this session you will need to be on the Healing Nexus Email List.  Our system will not allow us to send you an email about this event or forward your handouts if you are opted out.  [You can jump off the e-list at anytime - but you need to stay on until the course or healing session is finished in order to receive updates and information]  If you have deleted yourself or have marked yourself off the list and wish to participate.  Email me at and we will sort it out from here.   If you do not have an email - call me and you can register via phone.

P.P.S. The dowsing session will be done in real time and not available in replay.  You can order a copy of the Eye Dowsing Session online [CD and 30 Page Book] - Hard Copy of Book and Recording. Either mailed to your address, available as a download or both.
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