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Learn how to do a Personal Dowsing Session

Dowsing is a technique which will aid you in changing the frequencies around you to a more desired state.   Everything has a frequency - Frequencies can be changed or ajusted.

"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."  Albert Einstein

We will work through 70+ basic questions which are used to do a complete personal dowsing session. This can be done by novices or seasoned dowsers. As you work though this for others and yourself shifts will happen. You will also find other ways to use this list and expand from it.

For those of you who have taken the Healing Nexus “Dowsing Your Life – No Limits” 2 Day Seminar - this webinar will cover the information from the first day along with new information. This will be a wonderful refresher for those who are currently working with this system.

This Seminar will be done in 4 evening segemnts on four dates - each taking about 2 hours. 

Seminar Schedule:

  1. Protocols and Methodologies:  Intro on Methods
  2. The List: Demonstration of a complete dowsing session.
  3. Finishing the List and Self Work: Finish the Dowsing Session.  Dowsing 2-3+ people (your choice, or you can hook up with other participants and work together, or ask and Kathy will supply you with willing volunteers). This will be an open session to join in and we can work in group discussion format on our volunteers.
  4. Follow Up: Seminar group discussion to explore and share the group experiences and findings.

In the Lecture Notes for this Webinar you will find:

  • A complete series of questions - how-to ask and how clear or shift with a detailed explanation.
  • A quick version this is so you can go through the list without the details.
  • A working sheet template that you can use to write down your findings.
  • Protocols for removing, changing, shifting, adding or altering frequencies.
  • Clearing Protocol for unwanted energies.
  • Dowsing Chart.
  • References for further exploration

Approx 30 Pages available for Download

Also Available

The Companion Guide Book - contains all the lecture notes as well as additional information.

Instructor:  Kathy Wilson is Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and organizes four  Dowsing Groups: The Global Dowsing Hub , the Barrie Dowsers the Peterborough Dowsers.  and the North York Dowsers.  

Of Note: A special thanks to Raymon Grace who started me on this dowsing protocol. Who on our first encounter adjusted my childrens spirit guides. A true kindred spirit who believes that all things are possible. I appreciate you!  With love and gratitude to the late & wonderful Walt Woods who designed the original dowsing chart and authored Letter to Robin. To Dennis Barnett  previously of Healing Nexus, who is also working with these similar protocols.  - Kathy