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Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop

This is your invitation and opportunity to learn Quantum-Touch Healing in the Peaceful Comfort of “The Lyons Den” in the Beautiful Foothills of Cavan. 

The tranquil surroundings make this learning experience enjoyable and beneficial for anyone interested in improving their life and health.

Quantum-Touch is an easy to learn method of “Hands on Healing” that combines the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment combined with body awareness and breathing techniques that create a very powerful and natural healing energy. The results are phenomenal and there are no limitations.

Please take a few minutes and explore the web site and check out my Bio under the Instructor Heading. I took this course in November 2005. I was a full blown skeptic and did not believe it would help me – NOTHING ELSE MADE A LASTING DIFFERENCE! I had tried everything to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by years of a lifestyle that severely abused every part of my body and were coming back to torture me.

DID IT WORK FOR ME? Well, it has not been necessary for me to have any form of pain medication since that weekend in November 2005 and that is over 10 years ago. IT DEFINITELY WORKED FORME!

I look forward to meeting and working with you. Please give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Love and Light,

Jack Lyons Quantum-Touch® Certified Instructor /  Practitioner

705-944-5828 | |

More Info below:

What is Quantum-Touch?

All you need is your hands and an open heart.  Your body comes with a built in program called Self Healing. Quantum-Touch® accelerates this process.

We live in a Quantum World where everything is energy; a world where all possibilities and all potentials exist simultaneously, where everything is frequency. In this world the body can change conditions by entraining to the higher resonance held by the practitioner. The Quantum-Touch techniques can be learned by anyone and everyone.

A full description of Quantum-Touch® can be found at or by purchasing the book: “Quantum-Touch® the Power to Heal” by Richard Gordon.

We have been hosting Quantum-Touch workshops over North America and Britain since 2003.   

Should you wish to have a Quantum-Touch Seminar Level I in your area ~ we can provide the Instructor.   You will need to help organize it, have the warm bodies and open heart.  Depending on where you are and what is involved. Minimum 12 required.  Remunerated dependanted on #s and your participation in making the event a reality. 

Who Should Come to a Quantum-Touch Workshop?

Richard & AnneQuantum-Touch is for Everyone and offers life skills that you can use everyday.

  • If you have an illness, chronic pain or minor aches, you will get some relief / healing at the workshop. In some cases the pain and trauma go away entirely. With some it is the beginning of relief for a longstanding illness. Quantum-Touch will give you the ability to work on your own health.
  • If you are in the healing industry and working with another healing modality – Quantum-Touch will “super-charge” and ramp up what you are doing to a new level.
  • If you have family members, friends, co-workers in need of healing, Quantum-Touch will teach you the techniques to make a difference.
  • If you are wondering - "is that all there is?", or are looking for more.

What Will I Learn?

In this two day Quantum-Touch® Basic Workshop you will learn how to:

  • help others heal using hands on energy work.
  • use the breath and many other techniques to raise your vibration.
  • hold a high vibration so your clients can entrain to it and heal themselves.
  • use this new high resonance to heal yourself.
  • you will learn all of these techniques and many, many more.

Cost of Quantum-Touch Basic (Certificate) Workshop

  • Early Bird: $350.00
  • Regular: $400.00
  • Repeat Basic $200.00
  • 19 & Under $200.00
  • Sorry there is no Seniors Discount

**These prices are Effectuve Sept 1, 2012 (Per April 24, 2012 Email from Quantum-Touch Office)

Pre-registered Price is charged when registration is taken 21 or more calendar days before the workshop.
Registration or Full Price is charged when registration is taken 20 or less calendar days before the workshop. Pricing is set by QT in the US and we are bound by our contract with them. 

Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) & Disability or Support

CEU credits are available for some:  ie Registered Massage Therapists (most provinces) Aroma Therapists (most provinces) and others.  Contact your association(s) to confirm how many. Quantum-Touch normally falls in the B Catagory.   If you wish to have CEU credits for this workshop and wish us to apply for CEU credit status on your behalf – email with the name of your association and the contact person.

Funding for this Workshop: You may be eligible for funding for this workshop through a number of government programs.  ie Income Support, Employment Support, Disability  -  or a proactive incentive program. Inquire through your government or support connections.  Our experience has shown that this is done on an individual basis.  For the application process - please give us here at Healing Nexus enough time to connect with your contact(s) and submit the paperwork/ information that is required.

Please Note:

Sometimes things happen and workshop changes need to occur.  It doesn’t happen often but our experience has shown that we may need to make minor or major detail changes to the workshop, or may have to postpone or cancel a workshop due to a number of unplanned factors.

If you are thinking of attending or plan to attend a specific event, contact Healing Nexus and let us know so that we have you on the radar screen and can keep you informed.

For those who want to know:
Who Sets the Rules?
  • Quantum Touch is Trademarked in a number of countries and is owned by Quantum Touch Inc. 
  • QT Instructors are under Contract with Quantum-Touch Inc  and are bound their pricing structrue.
  • Level 1 Basic Worshop and Treatments are done by individual certified Quantum-Touch Instructors / Practitioners who keep their certification up by remitting their yearly fee.
  • ALL other Quantum Touch Workshops and seminars are organized and handled by the Head office in the USA.
  • Cost to Instructors to provide you with this seminar:
    • 10-15-30% to Quantum-Touch Inc of the seminar gross amount.  [The amount depends when they received their Instructor Certification - There is a 5% penality added if QT does not receive their portion of workshop revenues within 30 days of the Workshop] 
    • Costs of handouts, printing your certificates, websites, rental cost for space, marketing costs.
  • Original Certification Fee for Instructors: $300.00  plus the cost of Training 
  • Annual Fees to keep QT Certification in Place:  Practitioners $99  / Instructors $199 
Quantum-Touch Level I Discount Policy:
  • 1/2 price discount off registration price (not pre-registration price) available for children 19 years and under
  • 1/2 price discount  off registration price (not pre-registration price) available when repeating the Live Level I class. To receive the half-price discount, students must provide a copy of a Certificate of Completion from a Live Level I Workshop taught by a certified QT instructor. The copy of the certificate must be provided by the beginning of the workshop for which the half-price discount applies.
Refund Policy for Quantum-Touch Level I

To keep our workshop fees as low as possible, it is important that each workshop is near capacity. Thus we have instituted the following policies for cancellations:

  • Registrations cancelled greater than 15 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.
  • Registrations cancelled between 14 and 10 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a 50% refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD administrative fee.
  • Registrations cancelled 10 business days or less before the workshop, or if a student does not attend, will not receive a refund.
  • There is a $50 USD transfer fee for Students wishing to transfer their registration from one workshop to another as long as the transfer is completed  at least 15 business days before the workshop.
  • No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.