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The Basics of Tong Ren

This one day seminar will consist of an introduction to the Tom Tam Healing System along with an introduction, details to and hands-on experience with Tong Ren Therapy. This course will benefit those who are working in the Healing Industry as well as those who are not professional healers. People on any level who are looking to benefit their family, friends or clients. Often people find they can help themselves or they have been helped with these techniques.

Easy to learn. Energy Therapy for Healing Cancer, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and More. Safe, Natural - No Drugs, No Side Effects, and No Hopeless Cases.

Weekend Tong Ren Seminar Includes:

  • Instruction
  • Seminar Handouts
  • Certificate
  • Hands on Experience in giving a Tong Ren Session
  • Experience in receiving a Tong Ren Session

Tong Ren Healing: Typically used as a form of distance healing, Tong Ren techniques are applied to an acupuncture doll as a focusing tool utilizing the collective unconscious. The Tong Ren practitioner will focus his intention on the physical locations on the doll which correspond with the same locations on the recipient's body needing treatment. Focus is placed wherever chi is disconnected or blocked. The doll serves as a surrogate for the person receiving treatment. Various types of tools are utilized to tap, poke, or otherwise stimulate imbalances. These intentional actions stimulate the body and help to restore balance and vitality to the recipient.

The seminars most often consist of an introduction to and hands-on experience with Tong Ren Therapy. Many of the people who come to the seminars are not professional healers, rather they are learning to benefit their family and friends. Most often these are people who have been helped themselves from the techniques.

We also have a number of informational books available to deepen your understanding of our system.

Participants can purchase Tong Ren Model, magnetic hammer, and Lazy Bum Healing book as basic tools. Included: Handouts and certificate

Cost: 150.00 / Repeat 100.00 (if you have taken any Tong Ren Training Certification from anyone anywhere any time.
You will need to provide Date/Instructor and Location of your previous course)