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Tong Ren Healing Group Sessions

All are WELCOME !!!  Bring your complaints, aches and pains!  


These classes are also jokingly referred to as "Guinea Pig Classes"  The majority of the healing sessions are offered free of charge or have limited fees to cover local space rentals. Tong Ren is a safe and effective healing modality useful for chronic and serious conditions such as Cancer, MS, and depression as well as pain and more general cases.

Guinea Pig classes are group-healing sessions using Tong Ren therapy. The classes typically serve sixty or more patients each session and take an average of one minute per patient. The patients are seated facing the group leader and often a group of assistants. The group leader has an interactive dialog with each patient to determine the patient's diagnosis and condition. They then determines the treatment points to be addressed for the patient and they direct their activity to accessing the collective unconscious and applying energy to the treatment points. Patient contact and even close proximity to the patient are not required. During each patient's therapy, we will typically ask the patient for his or her current condition and any sensations he or she may feel. We determine the length of time that treatment is required for each patient and then move on to the next patient.

The Guinea Pig classes utilize the Tong Ren Therapy System. The basis of energy healing is that energy removes blockages in the body that cause illness. Removal of these blockages restores the natural flow of 'Chi' energy so that the body naturally corrects itself and therefore functions properly and heals.

In the "Guinea Pig" class, Tong Ren energy healing does not come from the practitioners alone. Master Tam believes that "Chi is energy, which is created in the universe and can be used to create healing." This universal Chi is accessed through the collective unconscious, and our experience shows that the practitioner's belief in the effectiveness of Tong Ren healing is a key element enabling access by the practitioner to the collective unconscious.

Based on the people who have attended class during the last three years, more then 90 percent of these people are alive and remain hopeful. Many of the patients that were considered seriously ill and hopeless have returned to living a normal life, and many patients have been able to resume their employment.

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What will I do in the Class?

Patients are only asked to do nothing in the class - just sit, relax and quietly receive the healing energy. There is no special diet, exercise or religious beliefs required to practice Tong Ren.
During the class, participants are completely free to do what they want as long as they are not interfering with others. This is not a support group, however many people like to share their stories. Many people arrive early to class and talk to others or stay longer to share their experiences.
Some people attend the class to support a friend or family member. They sit in the room, watch and listen. During the class, everyone has the right to receive or refuse the energy treatment. Several family members have taken Tong Ren training so they can continue treatment of their loved ones at home.
What should I feel during the healing section of the Class?
Most of the patients report that they feel warmth or heat, first in their face. This warmth or heat is, according to Chinese belief, the Chi moving through the body. The Chi typically moves down from the head to the arm to the palm of the hand. Some may feel tingling in the hands or in their feet. Some people report feeling their body becoming lighter and some may feel their body becoming heavy and cannot move. All of these feelings are the Chi movement. Some times people cry in an emotional release. After they cry, most of these people can feel how much has been released.
In the class, some of the breast cancer patients have felt their tumor shrink, soften or disappear.
Is Tong Ren Healing safe?
When practicing Tong Ren, there is no physical contact between the healer and the patient. It is not transformed into any form of chemical, so it won't cause any chemical side effects or chemically interfere with the medicine patients are taking. Tong Ren is a form of energy healing. Patients may say that they feel tired. In fact, this fatigue is result of relaxation. When the body is in the healing state, brain waves may slow down to let the body focus on energy to heal the disease.
In China, Chi Gong healing is only dangerous to the healer not the patients. When the Chi Gong healer or Master overuses his Chi, it may cause a side effect called "running fire." To avoid running fire, the Chi Gong practitioner must be well trained. With Tong Ren healing, it is believed that the energy or Chi comes from the collective unconscious. As more people practice Tong Ren healing, the stronger the healing force becomes, so that practitioners will not get running fire. Many students feel that the more they practice Tong Ren, the stronger they feel. During the practice, all the people in the class will become part of the collective unconscious state and therefore benefit from the healing energy.
If I don't have a serious problem, may I still join the Class?
Anyone can participate in the class. Chinese healing theory believes that the best healer heals the disease before it presents itself. In the Guinea Pig class, the basic theory is to create the healing power from the collective unconscious. When people sit in the class, they are already part of the collective consciousness and the energy field of the collective unconsciousness. During the class everyone benefits from the energy.