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Tong Ren Therapy - Beyond Acupuncture

Learn the Tong Ren Healing Method. The class will be held for one and a half hour every Wednesday for an nine week period. The class will consist of Instruction plus Experiential Hands On "Time to Learn to Do" Treatments. This Tele-Class is a perfect way of learning Tong Ren Therapy to benefit your friends, yourself, your clients and loved ones.

(This is a Certificate Course for those who wish.  For those who wish to obtain a Certificate of completion for this Course you will be required to send in a report on 5 Tong Ren Treatments that you have given others.  Plus cost of processing and mailing your certificate.)

If you miss any of the Seminars they will be available in replay for later listening.

Previous classes have been recorded and are up online for those who can't make it in real time or register after we have started during the 9 weeks.

Seminar Schedule

Tong Ren Therapy is an Energy Healing Technique that you can use on others or yourself.  Easy to learn, Effective, Safe, Natural - No Drugs, No Side Effects and No Hopless Cases.

Week 1 [Feb 1]:  Tong Ren Therapy: What is it and how do we do it?
Week 2 [Feb 8]:  The Blockage Theory: A Body in Balance
Week 3 [Feb 15]:  The Brain, the Nervous System
Week 4 [Feb 22]: Energy, Digestion, Weight & Brown Fat
Week 5 [Feb 29 ]: Calcium Deposits & Hormones
Week 6 [Mar 7]: The Endocrine & Immune System
Week 7 [Mar 14]: The Cardiovascular & Respiratory System
Week 8 [Mar 21]: Tong Ren & the Cancer Experience
Week 9 [Mar 28]: Tong Ren Treatments Figuring Out a Treatment from A-Z
Access is via phone or web.  (This class will be in English and is accessible via internet worldwide)
Time:  3:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern Time (New York / Toronto time)

• Sessions will be recorded for later listening.
• Handouts will be available online for each class

For those of you who have already taken a Tong Ren Class this is a good chance to see a different view of how to work with this modality. 

Consider the advantages to a Tele-class:

  • You don’t have to leave home
  • No travel, no meals, no hotel stays
  • You do it all from the comfort of your favorite chair or wherever you happen to be in the world! Phone Rates are Less Expensive than Travel and Over Night Hotel Stays
  • Access via internet is no cost. You can participate from anywhere.
  • Even if you are away from home you can call in by using a phone plan, internet , skype. 
  • The class will be recorded so if you miss an evening you can have access to it.
  • If you think you missed something you can listen again. 
  • This is a Perfect way of Learning Tong Ren Therapy with a solid Instructional Format Tong Ren Therapy
  • You will be issued a Certificate of Completion for this Workshop
  • Interactive contact with the Instructor
  • We will be working on real clients with real problems.
  • Your class will be held over a period of 9 weeks. Perfect for learning, questioning and absorbing.
  • Feedback and hands on experience will come in the form of client feedback, other participants’ stories and experience, as well as Instructor(s) guidance.
  • At the end of the nine weeks you will have a solid confidence on how to do Tong Ren plus will have experienced positive results.

What you need to know!

  • Cost for this Class is 250.00 per person  Repeat Participation 150.00
  • You will need your own Tong Ren Equipment. We recommend the Practitioner Package or as a bare minimum, the Starter Package. To order product online:
  • The Conference Telebridge is a U.S. phone number so depending on your phone plan and your location you may incur Long Distance Charges.  There are a number of local numbers in US, Canada, Britian and Australia which can access this seminar.  
  • The Sessions can be accessed via Phone/ Computer / Skype
  • Questions can be sent in via email or entered online
  • Handouts will be posted up online prior to the Class.
  • Classes - which can be listened to in replay or downloaded to your computer or other devices after the class.
  • Tele-Class Includes 9 Weeks of Instruction Complete set of Hand Outs,  Email Support for questions
  • Certificate on Completion can be applied for after the class - will require 5 client experiences and cost of processing.