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The Business of Tong Ren Therapy

This 5 series Tele-Class is for those who are looking to Start a Tong Ren Therapy Practice or Business full or part time.

The focus is how to work with the techniques of Tong Ren Therapy for those who are interested in adding it to their existing practices or those who wish to work on self, family and friends.

We all know how amazing Tong Ren Therapy is. We can see what a difference that it makes in a person's healing processs.

This Tele-Class is not how to do Tong Ren Therapy. - Rather How to Make a Tong Ren Practice. 

We will be looking at what is out there in the "Tong Ren World" and how you can put together a workable Tong Ren Practice with the tools and resources available to you.

This is practitical application of how to use the Tong Ren Model of healing and make it work for you as a business practice or part of your existing practice.

We will consider what resources are out there for you to access and what you can do to make Tong Ren part of your practice in a way that is effective, immedate and productive.

No business experience is required to participate in this TeleClass.


  • Organization
  • Finance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Internet

Some of the items we will be covering are:

  • What's going on in the Tong Ren World
  • The mechanics of marketing Tong Ren Therapy
  • What resources are available
  • How to work with clients
  • Attracting the right clients
  • What to charge
  • How to get paid
  • Utilizing the Web and Your Home Computer
  • What support is out there
  • Setting up your process
  • How to market your treatments
  • Keeping track of your clients
  • Pro Bono work