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Walking the Ancient Sacred Medicine Wheel

Traditional Teachings by White Eagle.

You are invited to walk the ancient medicine wheel on a spiritual journey bringing you to a place of balance where spider is found centred on the web of life.  Every experience is a silent message on the journey of the heart. In ancient times people were not allowed to speak freely or express their emotions, their pain, their grief.  They discovered other means and ways to express their aspirations, pain, grief, love and joy.

Come with me to the place of the ancestors and together we will hear the whispers to the drum, through song and the unwritten teachings. Those ancient teachings, the wisdom of the ancestors not found in books but found deep in the recesses of our minds.   

Those ancient teachings take back to the place of our unborn memories where a small canoe awaits in the womb of the earth mother reading us for the journey.
Are you ready, are you open, are you listening, will you hear the whispers of the ancestors?  I send my paddle to you.  Come with me and together we will celebration the little bare feet that have not yet touched the kitchen floors as prophesied by the elders. They are on their way from the stars.  The master teachers, grandmother and grandfathers of tomorrow. That will raise the consciousness of this sacred star called mother earth.

Let us only speak in praise and gentleness of sprit, hearts filled with gratitude of our new home and for the opportunity to be able to heal ourselves.  Let the drums be heard my children.  Let the healing begin.

Megwetch ~ White Eagle

Come and join us on a journey of the heart to walk the ancient sacred medicine wheel.  Renew your connection to sacred wisdom.

Everything begins with the wheel, the sacred circle of life.  As we step onto the sacred wheel of life, there are lessons.  White Eagle will teach us how to walk the wheel in our own lives.  Here we find ourselves, our purpose and find our connection to creator.  We learn about our place on the Wheel to find balance and peace.

The wheel is a time-honoured ceremonial space to honour the gifts of growth, rites of passage, seasonal changes of Mother Earth and the interconnectedness of all life. In everything, we must remind ourselves that the earth and everything on her are part of the sacred circle of life.

We recognize that we are influenced by the rhythms of Mother Earth and the cycles of life.  With all our friends, the four legged children, two legged children, feathered children and water children;   It is important that we live in harmony with all in the natural rhythms.   On the sacred wheel we honoured all the life cycles - times for creation, gestation, planting, birth, growth, change, death & rebirth.

The Wheel is a mirror within, where everything is reflected back.  It takes courage to look into the mirror and really see what is being reflected back about an individual's life.  

Our journey is an individual experience, and knowing this we must discover our path around the sacred circle alone.  When we are able to completely blend with all things, then we are truly a part of the whole.

As we walk in balance the ancient sacred medicine wheel teaches us to experience the essence of life, one must be one with all of creation. The unity that connects us to all.  It helps us to see exactly where we are in life and which areas we need to work on and develop in order to realize our full potential.   The wheel is a tool to be used for the betterment of humankind, healing and connecting to the Infinite.


  • Ancient sacred medicine wheel
  • Stepping onto the wheel and the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Animal Communication 
  • Healing Circle
  • Forgiveness Ceremony


What to Bring

  • - Drum or Rattle [if you have one]
  • - Come with an open heart
  • - Leave your head at home
  • - Bagged Lunch
  • - Comfortable Clothes

Words to Every Little Cell: [ Sung to the tune of Shortening Bread]

Every little cell in my body is happy - every little cell in my body is well
I'm so happy I can tell - every little cell in my body is well.

Well I've got something that the world can't give, and the world can't take it away.
I've got something that the world can't give, - and it keeps me up night and day
I've got something worth talking about, it makes me sing and it makes me shout
I've got something that the world can't give, and the world can't take it away

Every little cell in my body is happy - every little cell in my body is well
I'm so happy I can tell - every little cell in my body is well.

BSD Video of White Eagle teaching:  'Every Little Cell



Doug Gray / White Eagle

Doug / White Eagle is a is a First Nations Elder, spiritual councillor, dowser, teacher, healer, speaker and storyteller.  An ordained, non-denominational minister, he focuses on Native Spiritualism and Sacred Medicine.

He facilitates: Baptisms, Weddings and holy unions,  Funerals,  Spiritual and feathered ceremonies, healing ceremonies to bring balance to the Earth

White Eagle has dropped the Sacred Tobacco in many places: from the Killing Fields of Saigon Malaysia, to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and in the Forbidden City and on the Great Wall of China.  He has opened both the Canadian Society of Dowsers and the American Society of Dowsers Annual Conferences for many years, as well as being a featured speaker.   He will be presenting at the British Society of Dowsers 80th anniversary conference in September 2013 a workshop titled 'A Shamanic Walkabout.'

Doug / White Eagle (905) 775-6759 | |








Doug Gray and the Barrie Dowsers