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Dowsing X Energy

Excerpt from Raymon Grace's September 2013 Newsletter Re: X Energy

Howdy Folks,


There is an energy that has really been affecting people and I want to share a few brief statements about how to counteract it.

My friends and I have been measuring a low energy that is sucking the life from people. For lack of knowing what it is, one of my friends named it ‘X Energy’. This stuff is epidemic and have been dealing with it since Dec. 2012. My dowsing system says it is a cleansing.

This X Energy is like a wave that moves across the country. The symptoms are loss of energy, decreased mental stability in the masses of people, people turning against each other, suicidal thoughts, depression and a feeling of ‘something just ain’t right.’ It seems to affect the compatibility of the cells in the body and causes a person to lose their desire to live.

Here is the antidote that has worked every time for me. However, it is doubtful it will work for those of low consciousness. No, the same thing does not work equally for all people. Seems the only force that works equally is the law of gravity.

“Use dowsing and neutralize the negative effects of any low energy upon you, your home and family.

Then neutralize the negative effects of the surrounding area upon you , your home and family.

Then scramble any harmful frequencies and adjust them to Love.”

This may not solve all your problems but it has effectively neutralized X Energy and usually the person I am working on will feel a difference in less than 10 minutes, sometimes instantly, depending on their degree of sensitivity.

If you don’t know how to dowse~~~ learn. If you can’t learn, then pray, just use your mind with focused intent.

If you aren’t willing to do anything, that’s ok, just don’t ask us to do it for you.

Now this is ALL I have done so don’t over think this. We don’t know where it comes from or where it is going, or how long it will remain, so no need to ask.

This is the most serious thing I have seen affecting people and wanted to share how to deal with it with those of you who are willing to do something.

Wishing you SUCCESS!!!

...Raymon Grace

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