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Kathy Wilson

Kathy is one of the founders and CEO of Healing Nexus.    The name Healing Nexus came from a vision of a safe place or a nexus point where those on their healing journies could stop refuel and reflect.  A safe haven,  to connect with others of like mind and to exchange knowledge, skills and techniques. 

"With great excitement she googled "Healing Nexus" to find an article which affirmed her vision.  Healing Nexus was a place of Healing availalbe to all.  How perfect she thought, until she realized she was reading an instruction sheet for WarCraft a computer game."

Kathy has just completed a two year stint as  President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers.    The focus for CSD in 2010 -2012 is Expansive, Support, Sustainability and Transparency.  "I am excited to be a part of this dynamic group of individuals who are taking the Canadian Dowsers to new levels."

Kathy also runs 3 monthly groups The Barrie Dowsers, The  North York Dowsers and The Peterborough Dowsers.

Posted by Kathy ...

Dowsing and connecting wtih energy fields to me is as natural as breathing in and out.  My father was a dowser and his father before him.  I noticed energy flows around me early on in my life.  I knew that I was connected to everything.  I needed only to be still to access energy fields for answers, and clarity.  

I experienced the white light at the age of 11 in a room alone at Sick Children's Hospital.   There was comfort moving into the white light, the searing pains were gone I could see my self below in bed. I knew I was leaving.  The light was bright, warm and inviting. Everything was so right.  So nice - No Pain. ! I thought dreamily  "Mom will miss me."  As I moved upwards into the the warmth, comfort and brilliance a hospital nurse came into the room.  Oops!  Big trouble! (What an obedient child) - I knew I wasn't supposed to be out of bed. Immediately with a thump, I was back in my body with all the pain facing a long journey back to physical wellness.

I've had a very eclectic business life with many forms of self employment.  As a single parent with four amazing children,  there were some days when nothing made sense. Some days "it was the monkeys that were running the circus".  Looking back I now can see the weave and patterns that have lead me to where I am today.

Life is a funny thing - it teaches you stuff whether you want to know or not. I've learned:

  • There are no secrets out there. Information is available to anyone who chooses to look.
  • We are all spirits living a human physical experience
  • To live in the questions where all is possible
  • We are all connected
  • There is only love
  • Our greatest Power is our Hearts

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