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Prudent Avoidance

Robert A. Brewer - Geo-Check Environmental 

Result of a 25 year Swedish study involving 5000,000 people exposed to sustained EMF levels, revealed that the cancer risk for children continuously exposed to 2mG of EMT was 3 times higher than normal, while those exposed to 3mG showed risk for 4 times higher than normal.  Adults, too ran increased risk of leukemia, lymphomas and brain tumors.  Until more is known it is recommended that you reduce exposure to EMF's by practicing "prudent avoidance" when possible. 

A Geo-Check home or office inspection may check for: 

AC Magnetic Field - This field is often of the greatest concern as it can be the most quickly damaging. High fields are found inside a dwelling as wires are running though the walls, sometimes in multiple bundles, and right behind your head as you sleep.  Less often the fields are generated outside the home from street lines and transformers or power towers.  Recent testing has shown that some brands of phones and aging refrigerators give readings so high that they cannot be recorded while others have no fields.  Once these fields are known they are easy to work around. 

Electrostatic Spray - often one in every 10 plugs in a modern home are wired backwards and, at times give of a high spray through the air and onto people.  Spring beds are the worst for absorbing voltage and boosting the readings.  A few years ago we felt that this stopped at the skin however, a recent German study found voltage inside the body.  The immune system seems to be effected by this. 

Radioactivity - comes from space down and the earth up.  A normal reading in a building is about 20 counts per minute of background.  If your area is high then a simple radon test may be needed.

Natural Magnetics - are checked on the floor and beds.  This can come from the Earth or be generated by components in the home such as beds. 

Incoming Voltage - is checked to see if it is pulsed or steady and for unusual fluctuation patterns.  The amount of voltage is rated also 

Plug Check - GFI safety plugs are given a charge and tripped to see if they are working.  Regular plugs are checked 5 ways to see if they are properly wired.  Most homes have one or two that are not. 

Plumbing - it is check as it can transfer magnetic fields through areas of the house.  Most urban homes have the power box grounded to the water pipes and this voltage creates fields.  There are several checks to be made on plumbing including voltage backing up from neighboring homes. 

Water, Microwave, Outdoors, Electrical Body Type, Power Feeds, and Structrue are also checked. 

Most problems are as easy to solve as pulling a plug, or moving a piece of furniture.  An "easy read" report is sent out after each inspection that can be used by you or your doctor. 

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