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Wacky Wednesday

WACKY WEDNESDAY IS CHANGING TO A NEW FORMAT - Will be UP Again In the next couple of weeks.

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Wacky Wednesday World Wide Tong Ren Healing Call with Kathy & Friends


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Event:  Wacky Wednesday Tong Ren Healing Call

Time: Every Wednesday, at 10:00am Eastern [Toronto/New York Time]

Listening methods:  Phone / Web / Skype

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For our weekly healing sesssion we will be using the Tong Ren Healing Techniques. 

Focus will be on increasing your energy levels, stimulating your blockages, and bringing your body to optimum balance.  This will support any other treatments that your are currently undergoing alternative or allopathic.   We will be working on all the flows of the body, [chi, blood, lymph, digestion, hormones],  communication systems [cell to cell, organs/glands to organ/glands, nervous system]  blockages [muscle, tumours, calcium] .  For this 60 minute treatment you can consider the healing session to be one of a complete body tune up.  For some it will be like topping up the reserves for more energy, others will fell relaxed with less stress while others will feel their bodies start to respond to the call of better health and move into wellness and balance.   When you Join US do bring with you your Aches, Pains and Dis-Eases.  No promises here... but we do plan on Magic!

For those who wish to "tap" alone for experience.  Or those who wish to focus on their own healing process - All are welcome.

If you wish a Personal Session with Kathy Wilson email


Tong Ren Therapy is an energy healing system developed as a therapy for healing a patient’s bio-energy, Tong Ren is an effective method for people with various ‘dis-eases’. The system is based on the philosophy that at the root of any ailment is an obstruction of bio-energy. Tong Ren relieves this blockage and increases the flow. The system has shown clinically effective and reproducible results. Over 90% of treated patients reported improvement, some of them with remarkable results.

What you may Experience from a Tong Ren Session

  • Boost and Revitalization
  • Increased overall energy, a boost vitality and less lethargy.
  • Calmness and Clarity
  • Increased mental clarity, better focus, a calmness, less anxiety and daily stress.
  • Shed and Lose
  • Increased metabolism, which may result in a loss of weight, toxins flushing out of your system and a balance in your  management of eating habits and addictions.
  • Release and Heal
  • The release of blockages that are the cause of chronic disease, pain or critical illness.

Your Role
Your Tong Ren Therapists will stimulate the blockages points.  She/he will not diagnose conditions.  She/he will instead work with what information you or your caregivers provide.   How, the energy moves and the blockages are released is up to you.   “All healing is self healing.”   Each person does their own healing done in their own time frame.   You didn’t get this way overnight.   Allow the healing process to unfold the same way.

To Support Your Healing Process:

For the Session:

  • Relax – do nothing.
  • Get out of your head.
  • Let go of expectations.
  • Be open to the process.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Rest after the session.

Supporting Yourself:

  • Pay attention to how you feel physically & emotionally.
  • Move away from the stress and pressure of what drags you down.
  • Do things and surround yourself with people in your life to support your healing process.
  • Let go of any hate/ anger/ guilt/ fear.
  • Love yourself – Forgive Yourself – Treasure who you are!