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Dowsing Calls in Replay

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Adhi Moonien Two Owls  Adhi's Facebook

Dowsing for World Peace

Eva Angyal

Dowsing with Charts

Carol Baltkalns

Soul Talker

Tyhson Banighen


Deep Clearing Protocols to Maintain a Healthy Field

Deepening the Connection Between Humans & Nature
Deep Clearing & Exorcism
The Assemblage Point - Discussion (Tyhson & Kathy)
The Assemblage Point - Answering your Questions (Tyhson & Kathy)
What is Your Voice is in Your Life

Nancy Bradley


Dowsing in Everyday Life

Susan Collins

(905) 833-2440

Clean Out Your Psychic Closet

Wanda Davis

226-374-9045 | |

Healing the Energy Body

Jo-Anne Eadie


Practical Everyday Dowsing
Dowsing & Hypnosis

Edd Edwards

Website  |  Email   | 706-782-5188

Bio Intrinsic Resonance Energy
More Bio Intrinsic Resonance Energy

Bill Getz


Water Dowsing

Denise Godfrey

916-965-5667 | Email

The Human Etheric Layer

Doug Gray -White Eagle

Website  |  Email 905-775-6759

A Healing of the Heart
Podcast at the 2013 British Society of Dowsers Conference

Raymon Grace

What is happening to the Energy of Our Water?

What is the Energy of Your Water?    Submit Your Findings Online

John Hanson

Crop Circles: A Modern Miracle


Nick Holshausen

Email    905-484-0106

Going Within

Hank Innerfeld


Hank's Empowerment Statements

Take Charge of your Life… NOW!!

Frank Jordan


Meditations on WolfSpiritRadio

Entity Clearing

Clearing Techniques to be ready for for the Galactic Shift into the 5th Dimension.
What is in the 5th Dimension?
Developing Physic Ability
Using the Crystalline Structure of the Pyramid.

David Kane

705-874-0762 | Website    Email


Jill Korn


Smart & Thrifty Manifesting

Joey Korn


Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Process

Jack Lyons & Kathy Wilson


Setting Intentions for 2013

Maralie Martin


Family Dowsing

Christine Nightingale

905- 453-8095

Spirit Babies

Bill Northern

804-333-4802   Thoughts by Bill Northern

How Dowsing Affects our Lives

Judy Royle

Soul Genesis

Robert Steller

Website   | Email 519-599-1111

Breathing Easy,  Healthy Buildings

Mary Swaine

514 483 4763  |  Email

Healing the Planet with Group Energy
Amazing Wisdom of the Human Body
Healing Emotional Trauma

Raymond Tarpey


Shaman of the 'Mayan Daykeeper' Tradition

Rob Thompson

(707) 546-2165 |Website  |  Email

The Art of Water Well Dowsing

Ann Wakelin

(780) 657-2964 | |

Rising Out of the Ashes

Peter Webb


Minimize the Effect of EMF's (Electric and Magnetic Fields)
Kathy Wilson


Moving It Forward